Compression has been revitalized using enhanced yarns and technology
for a product that is easier to get on and more co

Made for men and women
Core-Spun by Therafirm®
support socks look and feel like a soft, comfortable everyday sock with the added benefit of true gradient compression.

Core-Spun support socks are ultra-stretchy and soft making the socks easier to put on, more comfortable to wear, and help prevent swelling and tired, achy legs with gradient compression.

  Core-Spun Support Socks stay cool and comfortable thanks to moisture wicking yarns and technology.  Moisture is wicked away from the skin to the exterior of the sock, moving the moisture up and out of the foot area and resulting in a sock that is comfortable & cool.

Try our support socks made with the unique technology of core-spun yarns that make the socks ultra-stretchy and easier to put on. Now you can slip on a support sock with ease.

  *Core-Spun 15-20mmHg Coolmax-polyester/nylon/spandex gradient compression support socks for men and women are designed to help prevent edema, leg discomfort, and deep vein thrombosis for long distance travelers.

Who could Benefit from Support Socks?      

  • Individuals with tired, aching, fatigued legs     • Expectant mothers
  • Those suffering from swollen feet, ankles and legs     • Overweight individuals
  • Workers whose careers involve standing or sitting for long periods     • Travelers*
My mother has had to wear support hose since 1979, and she has always hated them because they were ugly, uncomfortable, hard to get on. Her provider started carrying Core-Spun socks a couple of months ago and I got her a pair to try out. She liked them so much that I got her two more pair the next week. They are great!! They are comfortable, easy for her to put on – and they work! - Teresa S.   I know that compression garments can be difficult for my patients to don themselves. Many openly admit they have not worn the garments when I visit with them at follow-up appointments. I am so pleased to have seen an increase in patient compliance since I started recommending Core-Spun by Therafirm.
I just have to rave about the Core spun socks. I have been wearing compression stocking for almost 5 years now. They have been gruesome! The tops bind my calf just below the knee as my leg swells and that causes so much pain that I dread wearing them. I thought by getting a lighter compression that that would solve the problem, I was wrong again. I ordered a pair of Core Spun socks and I am in love. I am ordering 3 more pairs now and I am sure I will be ordering more in the near future! They are fantastic.My feet are comfortable, my leg is not aching from the binding, They feel like a glove on my legs and feet and my feet aren't sliding in my sneakers anymore. Thank God for Core Spun!    I wanted to tell you about my experience with Core-spun compression socks. It used to feel like you were putting a 100 pound leg in a 20 pound sock with other compression socks. They were like impossible to get on and to pull them up. Core-spun are much different, they stretch more, so they are much easier to get on. I wouldn't trade them EVER!!!! I'm so glad that someone told me about them, and your web-site offers a $5.00 coupon off if you tell your story!!! They are the BEST thing that happened to compression socks!!!!
Thanks Jan M. 


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